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FAIR-MONT-EGAN SCHOOL BOARD PHILOSOPHY The trustees of School District No. 3 are guided by the conviction that every student has the right to the best school this community can provide. Responsibility for this provision rests with all the citizens, parents, the school staff and students, with the ultimate responsibility for direction and decision-making assumed by the Board of Trustees. The Board will exert leadership in creating, maintaining and improving the school for the educational needs of the children. The focal point of concern in our school system is the student. Organization, staffing, programming, teaching and funding should all be developed, primarily and basically, to enhance appropriate opportunities for students to learn and develop personally, academically and socially. It is the intention of the district that equal opportunity for both sexes in all areas of the educational program be provided. FAIR-MONT-EGAN SCHOOL MISSION In partnership with students, family, and community, we prepare every student for the world of today and tomorrow through excellence in education.

FAIR-MONT-EGAN VISION STATEMENT Fair-Mont-Egan is a place where students are inspired to learn in a safe, respectful, and caring environment. We are committed to preparing all BRUINS (students) for success through celebrating positive behaviors, team efforts, academic successes, and community contributions. FAIR-MONT-EGAN STAFF MISSION STATEMENT We are committed to working together to enhance our school community. We are dedicated to helping all children reach their fullest potential. We will prepare them for success in life through the development of social skills and providing educational opportunities.

FME SCHOOL DRESS / CLOTHING POLICY: Parents, please be aware of the clothing policy in the student handbook. Spring brings out the summer tops and shorts. Shorts length is to reach fingertips with arms extended. Waist-bands need to be high enough and tops long enough not to show skin. Check the language and pictures in the student handbook for more information.

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